Stock Control

For a Complete Retail Management Solution
with EDI Ordering links to your wholesaler

ShopMaster stock control package

'Premium EPOS Data' Service

With ShopMaster Lite stock control software is included:

• Stock and price control

• Sales analysis and reporting

• Automatic Purchase Ordering

• EDI Order & Price Update link to Wholesaler

• Includes EPOS Server for Apple iPad/Android Tablet integration

The 'Premium EPOS Data' Service allows the store to download on demand the latest barcode file from each wholesaler - this will automatically update the cost prices in-store to the latest 'trade' price from each wholesaler as well as flag any RRP changes. Any Manufacturers’ Recommended Selling Price or Recommended Selling Price (MRSP or RSP) which may be contained in any EPOS Data File is provided for guidance only. Retailers are free to set their own retail prices - however, the system will flag up RRP increases and these can be applied as a batch update.

Any 'direct' suppliers prices can also be updated on demand. All we request is that you advise our Support Team which supplier you would like to be update. If you have that Supplier data on file we will advise you the date of last updated file received from your supplier. If there is a newer file or we do not have this supplier on file then we ask you to contact the supplier directly for a 'barcode file' - TS will check the supplied data for suitability and convert the data within 2 business days (Mon-Fri) following sending of data acknowledgement to yourselves

Other suppliers data can also be processed if you can forward us a barcode list from a supplier. The 'Premium EPOS Data' Service is included in all 'Premium EPOS' support packages where contract is paid for 12 months in advance. Alternatively this add-on can be included with your current package.

The 'Premium EPOS Data' service is a simple way of maintaining your EPOS data and will save you many hours of keyboard input.