The Nutri Centre's Natural Choice for Reliable POS Technology from Triple Software Company

// Background

In 2001 The Nutri Centre began a collaboration with Tesco, the UK's number one retailer.
Tesco had identified that its customers wanted an increased range of alternative medicine products, together with more information on natural products promoting healthier lifestyles.
The Nutri Centre's extensive product range and reputation for excellence provided Tesco with the ideal partner.

// The Solution

In 2002, when the decision to launch its shop-in-shop concept within Tesco's flagship Kensington store was taken, The Nutri Centre looked for a point-of-sale (POS) supplier with a shared commitment to providing reliability, combined with high standards of customer service and the ability to manage multiple suppliers and products. As a highly customer focused company, The Nutri Centre needed to be certain it would provide excellent levels of in-store service.

Renowned for its specialist expertise in the natural products industry and unique understanding of the industry requirements, Triple Software was the natural choice of POS solution provider for The Nutri Centre. Triple Software recommended their Shopmaster Micropos software on Toshiba POS terminals. Prior to the opening of the first Nutri Centre shop within Tesco's Kensington store, two alternative hardware suppliers were considered.

Although a cheaper competitor's hardware model was also evaluated, The Nutri Centre selected the Toshiba hardware following a successful trial. Triple Software recommended Toshiba ST-6500 modular terminals due to their proven quality and long term reliability, especially the ST-6500's robust and versatile design which integrates power and connectivity into a very small footprint to optimise essential selling space.

Triple Software has worked with Toshiba for many years to optimise its Micropos software to run with Toshiba hardware and to supply fully integrated, powerful solutions for retailers in its chosen markets. Together the two companies can offer consultancy, system design, implementation, project management, training and comprehensive hardware support contracts nationally to suit any retailer's needs.

2004 saw the successful opening of the next Nutri Centre concession within the Tesco Extra at Newcastle upon Tyne. With over 45,000 different products now available from the original Regents Street dispensary and three Nutri Centre branches, the flexibility of the Triple Software Shopmaster Micropos solution was ideally suited to cater for The Nutri Centre's specific requirements.